Time waits for no one

The sudden passing of a friend a couple of weeks ago got me thinking…

After the initial shock and sadness, my next feeling was that of injustice. I felt this was unfair. Unfair on him, unfair on his family, unfair on his young wife and two young children, unfair on all his friends and loved ones. However much I tried, I could not make sense of it. After a while I came to the conclusion that it is not something I can make sense of and that I just need to live with that, but I can learn a lesson from it. The lesson I learnt is that life is so short that we need to constantly remember the important things while we are around. What are the important things? Being happy! Doing what we love doing. Being with the people we love. Being with people who make us happy. Not giving importance to things which are beyond our control or things which don’t make us better people.

We can’t take time for granted. We all have an expiry date. We don’t know when that is, so we need to enjoy life while we still can. We need to use the time we have wisely! And by that I don’t mean keep busy and don’t sleep! On the contrary, sleep, if that means you are more alive when you are awake! I just think our time (at least most of it) should be spent doing what we choose to do. Tick tock, tick tock…



Everything happens for a reason

I really believe this. We just need to figure out what that reason is.  It may not be instantly obvious, but in time it becomes clearer.

So, I have just started a blog. Why? I have no idea! What is the topic? No idea, again! I have several interests so I think I will be covering a range of topics from travel to animals – via health and fitness, food, music, Greeks, South Africans…life in general!

A few days ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is clearly not at the happiest of places at the moment. It got me thinking. Why? She is a clever, educated, kind, warm, beautiful girl. She has everything going for her. She has been dealt a few bad hands but she has a wonderful family and good friends who have been there for her and will always be there for her. She has a great support system, which not everyone has. So, that alone is a huge safety net. She feels that she is in a rut – work, relationships, money – yet she seems too scared to make a change.

What makes us so scared? Isn’t the whole point in life to be happy? Aren’t we all better people when we are happy? So, why are so many people unhappy? I really believe that we create our own happiness. We choose what to do with our lives. We choose whom to spend them with. We choose what work we do. And if we don’t, we should! If we have chosen our work then that means we love doing it. My simplistic logic tells me that if you love doing something, you will do it better than something you hate doing.

Surely life is this. This. Exactly this. Every single minute. Why spend it doing something that doesn’t make you happy? As long as what you need to do to make you happy doesn’t harm others, then why not just do it? And don’t bring money into this. Money has very little to do with happiness. I mean, what is the point in working like a dog to save money so that you can spend it when you retire? What’s the point in going on that dream holiday when you can hardly see the spots on the leopard you just spotted in Africa (see what I did there?) because of your cataract, or you can’t walk up all those steps in Santorini because you just don’t have the stamina, or you can’t risk walking on the glacier in Iceland because of your knee replacement, or you can’t try raw liver in Lebanon because of your sensitive stomach?? Ok, the raw liver was something I could have done without, but my point is: WHY WAIT? Do what you can, now. See what you can, now. Experience what you can, now. Live. Now. Be happy!