The cat’s whiskers or something the cat dragged in?


The cat's whiskers or something the cat dragged in?


Animals – they make the world right

Looking for a home. Who will be the lucky one to adopt this adorable lap cat?

Looking for a home. Who will be the lucky one to adopt this adorable lap cat? – ADOPTED! 🙂

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

                                                                             – Mark Twain

The day before yesterday, as I arrived at the gym, a cat came up to me at the entrance and naturally, as I always do, I stopped to “talk” to it. I noticed it was limping and it seemed as if one of its back legs was broken. He (yes, “it” now becomes “he”) was so friendly and adorable that I couldn’t just leave him there. It was as if he was asking for help. I wasn’t prepared for a cat “rescue” so wasn’t sure how to take him to the vet. People walked in and out of the gym and mostly ignored us – apart from a couple of smiles here and there.

To cut a long story short, I picked him up, put him in the car and he curled up into a ball and sat quietly all the way to the vet. The vet checked him out, said that his leg wasn’t broken but had an infection (it was very swollen) and gave him an antibiotic shot and a painkiller. He also kept him overnight to neuter him. I went to pick him up yesterday afternoon and the vet told me he had taken photos of him because he wants to adopt him but he has to convince his wife! He fell in love with this cat because he is just so good-natured!

He is now in our bathroom and is waiting patiently for his leg to heal and for someone to give him a nice warm home with lots of love and cuddles. Every time I go in, he comes right up to me and tries to jump up to sit on my lap…even when I am standing! He is really adorable and will give someone so much love! Hopefully we will find him a good home soon. Our “cattery” is full up, which is why we cannot keep him. Believe me, we want to!

So, today being World Stray Animals Day I thought it appropriate to write a fresh story of yet another stray animal that has been rescued. This is just another day in Greece, unfortunately. There are just so many stray animals that we (individuals and societies) cannot keep up. It seems to be getting worse every day. The “crisis” hasn’t helped either, since we are now finding more abandoned animals than ever before. We can’t help them all, but we can at least try to help the ones we can, in any way we can – whether that is by giving them water and food, neutering them, vaccinating them, attending to injuries and/or ideally finding good homes for them if we cannot adopt them ourselves.

I really don’t understand how people go and buy animals when there are just so many beautiful souls out there, desperate to give love and affection. All they ask for in return is a home with love, food and water. I really believe that a home without a pet is just a house. Rescued animals just bring the best possible energy to any home. They are forever grateful (they really are) and I can’t even begin to describe the warmth they bring into our lives. They are also the best anti-stress remedy ever. Think about it. A dog running to greet you with a wagging tail every single time you come home – as if he hasn’t seen you for years and has missed you so much! A purring cat curling up on your lap after a long day’s work. What a feeling! I consider myself blessed to have grown up surrounded by animals. I cannot imagine life without them. Kitty, Mog, Bozo, Flake (all in animal heaven now) and Marmalady, Boy, Demon and Piccolino have brightened up our lives. They have all been totally different in character yet they share(d) the same appreciation and love towards their “saviours”.

Adopt a stray animal. You will not regret it. The universe will thank you for it one way or another.

If you don’t have many strays where you live, there are plenty in Greece and I am pretty sure they wouldn’t mind travelling to reach…home!

If you would like to adopt a stray dog or cat visit or contact me directly.