Greece – from the inside looking out


Greece really is a beautiful country. I am blessed to have been brought up surrounded by such beauty. Even though the Greeks are going through a rough patch at the moment, we still have the sea and sun surrounding us…and nothing can beat that! We may not have much money but we have so many more important things which money just cannot buy!

It was Greek Easter last weekend and I spent it with my parents and brother at our ancestral home in a village in Mani, in the South of Greece. It was wonderful. Simple, yet perfect. The weather was amazing and we even swam a few times! Our house is up in the mountains and we have a view of the sea, which is a fifteen-minute drive away. The mountains in this area are covered in olive trees, wild prickly pear trees, wild fig trees and beautifully scented wild herbs amongst other trees and plants. Also, at this time of year, there are plenty of wild poppies growing among other beautifully coloured flowers all over the place. It is amazing how they manage to literally grow out of the rocks!


Everything you eat here, whether from the ground or the sea, is organic! It is simply delicious, nutritious food. Good food, fresh air, crystal clear sea, water that comes straight from the snow-capped mountains. Surely this is the recipe for a healthy life?

So, all of you people looking for the perfect holiday destination, look no further! Greece is the place to be. Greek summers are simply the best. The weather is pretty much guaranteed, and the natural beauty and delicious food in combination with the best ‘swims’ in the world make it top of my list! Islands, mainland, yachts, sailboats…so much to choose from – and believe me, they are all equally perfectly stunning!


PS- I don’t work for the Greek Tourist Board, nor do I own a hotel or travel agency! I am just sharing a little ‘secret’ with you all because I love my country and I have travelled a fair amount to know what I am talking about! 😉