The Teacher Creature

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

– Chinese Proverb

A good teacher cares. A good teacher teaches and doesn’t just correct. A good teacher gives examples, explains, shows, draws, dances, sings, writes and sometimes shouts. A good teacher makes jokes, smiles, laughs and makes others smile and laugh, too. A good teacher sets boundaries. A good teacher earns the trust and respect of students. A good teacher is honest. A good teacher has a sense of humour. A good teacher understands. A good teacher teaches students how to think for themselves. A good teacher gets across and also sometimes gets cross. A good teacher hugs freely. A good teacher removes splinters from toes and fingers! Yes, a good teacher does all these things…and so much more!

Teachers are definitely generally underestimated. They make such a difference to children’s lives and we all remember most of our teachers from way back. We especially remember the very good ones…and the very bad ones as well! So, here’s a little poem I wrote to outline what I think teachers do…or should do:

The Teacher Creature

To be a teacher means to teach

And make students extend their reach

To touch the hearts and souls of babes

Not just to look for the top grades


To be a teacher means to care

And make your pupils more aware

 To read, to write, to draw, to sing

To know they can do anything


To be a teacher means you must

Make sure in you your students trust

 To learn, to listen, to believe

That anything they can achieve


To be a teacher means in your hands

Responsibility of guidance lands

 And if you love the job you do

No doubt they will remember you


4 thoughts on “The Teacher Creature

  1. This is lovely Nikki. Such a pity that here teachers cannot hug and that discipline is unheard of (probably against their human rights or something!)

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